Sample Images and Video


Left: A nematode moving through the soil below the AMR.  Screen captures were used from the Mosaic and pasted together to show it in its entirety.  Middle: A video of a dying root captured over several days. We believe this to be the first real-time recording of such an event.
Right: Mosaic of a spider or mite confronting another insect.  Each tile within the Mosaic is 3.01×2.26mm at a resolution of 640×480 pixels.  While the AMR is primarily used to study root and hyphal growth, we believe it is adaptable to many other areas of study.


Fungal Dynamics


Root Death Example


Below are two images of fungal hyphae captured by the AMR.  Again, these images represent an area that is only 3.01 x 2.25mm.  They are displayed here at their full 640×480 pixel resolution.