Read about the work we’ve been doing at the ORNL SPRUCE installation in the bogs of Minnesota:

RhizoSystems is attending the 2013 ESA show in Minneapolis! Be sure to stop by our booth to demo our new Manual Mini Rhizotron and see our Automated Mini Rhizotron in action.  More information can be found here:

RhizoSystems was invited to participate in a workshop at Argonne National Labs.  This workshop will bring together a small group of both ecosystem scientists needing measurements, and engineers and researchers with sensor development capabilities and deployment experience. With an overarching objective of enhancing our understanding of processes and functions of terrestrial ecosystems, we will seek to identify technologies that show promise toward the creation of new ecosystem sensors, and attempt to document the current needs and technological gaps in ecosystem sensing/measurement. We will also aim to create a community voice for the need for new sensors for ecosystem function research.

We will be attending the Soil Ecology Society meeting at Colorado State University June 5 – 9, 2017 and presenting a poster titled, “Peering into the Soil Black Box: A Soil Ecosystem Observatory.” Look for us on Monday at 5pm at S1.5!