Manual Mini Rhizotron

Captures images on an iPod Touch (included), iPhone or iPad using WiFi – no wires!

Compatible with most existing 2″ (50mm) diameter, 1m and 2m length tubes.

Image size is 8.4mm x 6.3mm at 640 x 480 pixels (about 50x magnification).

Runs over 11 hours on rechargeable ‘AA’ batteries (included w/charger).

Stores images on your iDevice for easy downloading to either a computer or an FTP server.

Support for the RootFly file format included in the RootMobile app (free download).

Mosaics are automatically generated.

Indexed stepper handle is included for fast, convenient, and accurate image capture.

The entire MMR fits into a lightweight (15 lbs/6.8kgs), carry-on size, custom case (included).